Do Dunkin Donut Points Expire?

If you are a coffee aficionado or a doughnut lover, chances are you’ve found yourself at Dunkin Donuts more times than you can count. This article will guide you on do Dunkin Donut points expire, their expiration policy, and tips to keep them from expiring. Dunkin Donuts’ loyalty program, DD Perks, is a fantastic way to earn points on each visit and redeem them for your favorite treats. But, like all good things, the points you acquire have an expiration date. So, let’s dive right in!

Do Dunkin Donut Points Expire?

Earning Dunkin Donut points is as easy as enjoying your favorite coffee or doughnut. For every dollar you spend at Dunkin Donuts, you earn 5 points if you are a DD Perks member. You can acquire points through in-store purchases, online orders, or even when you buy Dunkin’ Donuts products from grocery stores.

Furthermore, Dunkin Donuts also runs special promotions throughout the year that allow DD Perks members to earn bonus points. So, keep an eye out for those extra point opportunities!

Expiration Policy

As for the main question at hand – do Dunkin Donut points expire? Yes, they do. Your hard-earned Dunkin’ Donuts points expire if there’s no account activity for 12 months i.e., no earning or redeeming of points.

Here’s the good news, though. It’s quite easy to prevent your points from expiring. Simply making a purchase using your registered DD Card, adding value to your DD Card, or redeeming points on a regular basis can keep your points from expiring.

Checking Points Balance

Now that you know how to earn points and prevent them from expiring, let’s talk about how to check your points balance. You can easily check your Dunkin Donuts points balance through the Dunkin’ App or their website. Simply log in to your account, and your points balance will be displayed on the dashboard.

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Preventing Points from Expiring

While the expiration policy might seem a bit daunting, there are various strategies you can follow to prevent your points from expiring. Here are a few tips:

1. Regular Purchases: Even a small purchase every few months can keep your account active and prevent points from expiring.

2. Auto-recharge: Setting up auto-recharge on your DD Card ensures regular account activity, keeping your points safe.

3. Redeem Points: Regularly redeem your points for free beverages or other treats. This not only gives you a chance to enjoy your rewards but also keeps your account active.

4. Stay Updated: Keep an eye on your email for updates from Dunkin Donuts about any changes to the points system or special promotions.

How Much is 500 Dunkin Points Worth?

If you’ve been diligently accumulating your Dunkin points, you might be wondering about their value. Well, once you rack up 200 points, you can redeem them for a free beverage of any size! That means, with 500 points, you can get two free beverages and still have 100 points left over for your next reward.


The Dunkin Donuts loyalty program, DD Perks, offers a fantastic way to earn rewards for your regular coffee runs. However, do Dunkin Donut points expire, it’s essential to stay informed about the points system, especially the expiration policy, to make the most of your membership. With consistent purchases, regular redemptions, and a keen eye on your points balance, you can ensure your points never go to waste. So, get those points brewing, and enjoy the sweet (or caffeinated!) rewards that follow.

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